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          首頁 > 產品中心 > 5G天線

          2G-5G 4dBi 多頻全向吸頂天線 - 5G系列


          1574399044793669.jpg    華全新研發5G系列天線,自帶雙輸入/輸入插頭,頻率覆蓋范圍極廣,能夠完美配合現有4G以及未來5G室內信號覆蓋的應用。我們的產品 具有高增益,高效率,質量輕,防水防曬等特點,適合戶外或者室內使用。

              With two ports for both signal input and output, our 5G Series antennas are multitask, lightweight, and they provide high gains and constant performance across a  broad frequency range from 880MHz to 5GHz, with your choice of pole/wall installation. The antenna is suitable for outdoor or indoor use.

               Broad Response --- With 1070/2700MHz bandwidth, this antenna provides ideal performance in single or multi-frequency system.

               High Gain --- 6-8dBi gain provides optimized pattern coverage for either indoor or outdoor applications.

               Dual band MIMO --- With dual ports working together, users could enjoy fast network from newest 5G technology while the 3G/4G signals unaffected.

               Weather Resistant --- DC ground for lightning protection and IP67 waterproof level for our products to work under extreme weather conditions.

               Also In Package ---Product test report and installation manual will be provided to each set of Jinghua antenna.

               Customization --- These antennas can be customized for different frequencies and gains.

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